O αγώνας τους για 40 ημέρες δικαιώνεται !

Αναγκάζουν τις εκτρωτικές κλινικές της χώρας να κλείνουν έστω και προσωρινά λόγω σημαντικής μείωσης στις εκτρώσεις !

via LifeNews.com Pro-Life Headlines by news@LifeNews.com (Steven Ertelt) on 3/30/09

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- For abortion center staff who don't want to face the prospect of going to work with dozens of pro-life advocates outside their facility, temporarily closing is the next best thing. That's what two abortion centers in Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida have done in the face of community opposition.

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